Sarah Brodie is a yoga therapist and holistic nutritionist, in downtown Toronto, offering one-on-one yoga therapy sessions and small group yoga classes at Mahaya

Sarah Brodie

Certified Yoga Therapist & Holistic Nutritionist

Sarah is currently on maternity leave until fall 2017.

Sarah is a yoga therapist and holistic nutritionist offering one-on-one yoga therapy sessions and small group yoga classes at Mahaya.

Sarah attended her first yoga class in Australia after ending her basketball career in 2009. Since then she has pursued four separate trainings in hatha (with Tara Judelle), yin (with Tracey Soghrati), restorative (with Pat Harada Linfoot and Scott Davis) and yoga therapy (with Ante and Felicia Pavlovic).

After attending Felicia and Ante’s group classes at Yoga Therapy Toronto she knew she found the lineage that spoke to her. It was through their 700+ hour Yoga Therapy program that Sarah was able to develop a deep personal practice and a greater understanding of yoga. She is particularly passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga for mental health.

Additionally, Sarah is a certified holistic nutritionist (CNP, RNCP) and will offer diet and lifestyle guidance when appropriate during the yoga therapy sessions.

In the community, Sarah offers yoga classes at CAMH, Yoga Grove, Fit Journey and George Brown.

For more information about Sarah and her services, you can check her website (

To book an appointment or free 15 minute consultation with Sarah, call Mahaya Health at 647.435.0152 or use the appointment request form today.