Dr. Kamala Sivasankaran, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Kamala is a licensed naturopath with a special interest in autoimmune conditions, stress management, insomnia, women's health and digestive concerns.

She loves empowering patients through education and is a resident Wellness Speaker at the University Health Network, as well as a personal trainer.

With a background in biology and health sciences, Kamala values a combination of both traditional and conventional approaches to medicine,and often suggests natural therapies that work together with any conventional treatment you may be taking.

Your treatment plan can include therapies such as acupuncture, herbs, specific foods, rehabilitation exercises, cupping, natural supplements, hydrotherapy, counselling and more.

Your plan is specifically designed just for you, and is often adjusted as you progress.

Kamala's philosophy is that optimal healthcare is a lot like a home restoration…the road to better health all starts with a proper assessment and ensuring a solid foundation. Picking the best materials and hiring the right builders ensures that you have a fantastic home in which you can thrive!

To book an appointment with  Dr. Kamala Sivasankaran, please click here or call us at 647-435-0152.

For more information, visit her website (link to - www.drkamaland.com)

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