Mahaya Health offers yoga therapy services in downtown Toronto.
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Yoga Therapy

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapists use the tools of yoga including postures, breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, meditations and visualizations to provide you with a unique and personalized home practice. This practice empowers you to take charge of your healing while still feeling guided and supported.

Additionally, the yoga therapist may recommend specific diet and lifestyle modifications.

Yoga therapy is a complimentary modality that can benefit all conditions.

What can I expect from a yoga therapy session?

During the initial 90-minute session, you will be asked to share any relevant information about your health history. Together we will discuss appropriate and manageable goals. We will develop a practice using the tools of yoga to suit your needs.

Your practice is designed to fit into your schedule and will be written out in stick figures for you to take home and practice with.

It is recommended that you book follow-ups as needed so that your practice can adapt and grow as your needs change.

What are the benefits of yoga therapy?

Because yoga is a holistic healing system yoga therapy can benefit us physically, physiologically and psychologically, improving our quality of life. 

The physical benefits of increasing range of motion and flexibility may be more obvious than the psychological benefits but these should not be overlooked. Yoga therapy can help individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, disordered eating, feelings of overwhelming pressure or intense fear. In yoga therapy, you aren’t necessarily asked to articulate your feelings and emotions but rather to move through them using your body and your breath.

Group Yoga Therapy Classes

Small group classes (3-5 people) are an excellent compliment to a personalized home practice. We offer group classes for a variety of conditions, including but not limited to:

Back Pain

Disordered Eating



If you are interested in specific group classes or are curious to know if we can accommodate your specific concern, please contact the clinic - We will add your name to the waiting list for the next available session.

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