In 2019, Is Your Inner Dreamer Trying To Emerge?

In 2019, Is Your Inner Dreamer Trying To Emerge?

Have you ever tried to make a decision, only to find yourself swaying back and forth over what to do? Part of you says to do the practical thing - the thing that makes sense. But that decision just doesn’t sit well with your heart. Your heart wants to try something different, but how can you risk the challenge, risk the pain, with no guarantees? Still that voice persists, telling you that doing the nonsensical thing would feel so amazing! Have you noticed that voice getting louder lately? Is it getting harder to hush? This could be a sign that your inner dreamer is trying to emerge.

Are You Suffering From Superwoman Syndrome?

You know that woman who has a great career, has no cellulite, has two kids in two activities each, can make no-fat/no-gluten/no-calorie muffins that taste delicious, volunteers in her down time, has the perfect doting husband, has regular women’s night outs, and is always smiling?  You know, Superwoman?  Well, guess what? She doesn’t actually exist!  Everyone has their kryptonite, the woman that you think is Superwoman, is probably just better at hiding hers.

Alleviate your Pregnancy Symptoms with Acupuncture

Many mothers-to-be find themselves facing anxiety, fatigue, back pain, heartburn, and nausea as a result of the many new demands being placed on their bodies. But suffering during pregnancy doesn’t have to be a given. This article provides a brief overview of how acupuncture can support your mental and physical health during the different stages of pregnancy.