The technology neck - do you have it?

computer posture.jpeg

Let me introduce you the worst enemy of your neck (you're probably using it right now to read this page): your digital screen! 

Nowadays screen use is everywhere with our smartphones, tablets or laptops and  it's changing our neck postural habits and creating a new damage: the "text neck".
A recent study  is showing "that prolonged use of smartphones could negatively affect both, posture and respiratory function." Depending on the position of the head and the weight of our skull, the pressure on the cervical vertebrae can vary from 12lb to 60lb. 

And if that's not enough, once finished your text message, you will continue your day on your computer...which is not the best position for your neck again! 

Headaches, neck tensions, back pain, TMJ/jaw issues etc... better habits and posture could be really helpful to reduce or fix those different symptoms. 

Apply the following test: keep your head held high in line with your spine and feel the position of your jaw and the tension on your TMJ. And now lean your head forward slightly, as if you were using your smartphone, and do the same assessment on your jaw. Relevant?

A regular osteopathic assessment with specific at-home recommendations (movements and streches) will help to prevent these issues and protect your spine. For more information regarding our Osteopath Brice Bonnard click here. Brice is in the clinic on Monday's, Tuesday's and Friday's.