Why I Love the Language of Chinese Medicine


Did you know that every acupuncture point has its very own name? In addition to having physical functions, each acupuncture point conveys a message to the soul. 

For example, take the point at the base of the inner wrist, located on the Heart Channel, called Shen Men, which is translated as Spirit Gate. 

In the language of Chinese Medicine, the Heart organ is said to be the container for the Spirit. Think of the Heart as an open vessel - a bowl - with the ability to contain emotions, insight, thought, and the light of consciousness. 

By keeping the centre of our being - our heart-space or heart-bowl - open and clear, we have the capacity for:

  • Thought – the ability to make meaning out of our life experiences;
  • Reflection – to be able to extend our thoughts into the future and envision a plan for our lives; and
  • Knowing How – being able to act appropriately in any given situation

However, when life experiences overwhelm us and we no longer have the capacity to keep our hearts open and clear, we may begin to feel symptoms of distress. Some symptoms of heart disturbance include:

  • insomnia 
  • dream-disturbed sleep
  • depression & anxiety
  • heart palpitations
  • lack of concentration
  • hyperactivity or restlessness
  • shock

When these symptoms occur, we can use acupuncture points along the heart channel and on other areas of the body to gently support a shift in energy and consciousness. In this way, the acupuncture point Shen Men (Spirit Gate) can be gently stimulated to help calm the heart and clear the mind so that the light of spirit or consciousness can be received.