Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, muscles, and fascia) performed for the purpose of restoring those tissues to a healthy state. It is well known to be a safe treatment for many common conditions, including muscle sprains and strains, trigger points, neurological pain, and posture imbalances.

Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) use highly specialized hands-on healing techniques which assist your body to heal itself naturally. Our professional, experienced and knowledgeable RMTs offer their health expertise and collaborate one-on-one with each patient to provide the best treatment possible for your particular needs. 

Massage Therapy can be a great addition to your regular health-care routine!

Massage therapy is covered by most extended health plans. We also offer direct billing with several insurance companies. 

What to expect

  • Massage visits vary depending on the clients needs.

  • You can book a 30 min, 45 min, 60 min or 90 min visit.

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.